The Easy Hoists Hardtop Hoist System

The Easy Hoists hardtop hoist system consists of a unique, patented cradle which cleverly supports and counter-balances the hardtop and allows it to be safely stored in the raised position near the ceiling of your garage, a manual wormgear winch which cannot slip, aircraft grade wire rope, and a set of high quality pulleys and fixings.

Anyone who has tried to remove and fit a hardtop manually will know what a struggle it can be. The Easy Hoists hardtop hoist system makes the job of fitting and removing your hardtop a simple operation which is usually possible with just one person. There is no physical strength required on the part of the operator since the winch does all the work.

  • The hardtop hoist is available for many OEM hard tops
  • The hardtop hoist cradle is custom fitted for each model of car
  • The hardtop hoist supports your hard top at strategic locations to prevent warping or bending of the hard top
  • No complicated procedures for attaching or detaching the hardtop hoist apparatus
  • Easy operation equals greater safety
  • Does not touch rubber seals
  • Protecting the rubber seals while stored prevents wind noise, water seepage, etc. after the hard top is refitted to the car body
  • Safely remove, store and replace your hard top