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Easy Hoists Hardtop Hoists

The Easy Hoists hardtop hoist is a unique system which allows the easy removal, fitting and storage of the hardtop on convertible cars such as Mercedes SL, Porsche 911, Triumph Stag, Honda S2000, E-type Jaguar, BMW Z3 and Z8 and others.

Our hoists are hand-crafted in the UK. The patented design has been manufactured since 1983. It is a unique product that can be installed in most garages. The hoist is not mass-produced - it is finely crafted in small lots using only top quality components. Our dedication to quality ensures safety, reliability, protection, and easy operation.

The unique cradle system does not touch the all-important weather seal of your hard top, ensuring that the hoist system can be used for temporary and long-term storage of your hard top in complete safety.

Not getting the use you could from your hard top?

  • Problems getting your hard top onto the car?
  • Problems getting your hard top off your car?
  • Is your hard top getting scratched in the garage?
  • Is your hard top in the way when not on the car?
  • Finding your soft top too noisy for year-round use?
  • Is your soft top getting wrecked in the winter months?